‘Departure’ | Feature Film

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DEPARTURE tells the story of Beatrice and her son teenage son, Elliot, passing a week in the South of France to pack up the contents of their holiday home.

‘Vice’ | Musical Theatre

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“In the midst of all their joys they shall sigh blood…”

‘The Cool Web’ | Robert Graves Oratorio

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A series of meditations on the plight of a poet faced with the task of articulating the most intense and terrifying of human experiences.

‘The Door’ | Short Film

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‘The Door’ is the 4th short film from Motion Group Pictures, starring Charles Dance, Harriet Walter, Elliot Cowan and Tobias Menzies.

‘Marilyn Myller’ | Animation

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An award-winning short film from Mikey Please.

‘Sid Meier’s Railroads’ | Video Game

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A bold re-imagining of the legendary Railroad Tycoon (1990), the game that launched the “tycoon” genre.

‘Off Beat’ | Aardman Animation

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An animated adventure involving biscuits, a TV and no police whatsoever.

‘Demon Lover’ | Chamber Opera

'Demon Lover' by Jools Scott & Sue Curtis, starring Hannah Pedley and Tom Bullard

‘Demon Lover’ is a haunting tale of love and betrayal.

‘Sparrow’ | Short Film

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One man, one bird, one day…. ‘Sparrow’ – a film by Andrew Steggall

‘Goose’ | a Musical for Kids

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‘Goose’ is a warm, funny, quirky and original musical play for children around the ages of 5-9.

‘Boxed In’ | Animation

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An old man receives a mysterious package and becomes involved in a desperate battle of wills with a smart rodent.

Choral Music

Choral music by Jools Scott

A selection of music for choirs

‘Fireside Carols’ | The Golden Eggs

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New renditions of your favourite traditional Christmas carols…

‘Josephine’ | Solo Piano Album

'Josephine' | Piano Album

A collection of piano compositions