Scott and Curtis

Since meeting in 2007, Sue Curtis (writer/librettist) and I have written numerous musical and theatrical works under the Scott and Curtis label. These pieces range from large-scale operas to children’s musicals and individual jazz standards.

Sue’s career has spanned 55 years in theatre and education. She has acted and directed shows across Europe and the world. As a lecturer and teacher, Sue taught English literature for 30 years. She pioneered the creation of the Drama department at King Edward’s School, Bath, where she taught drama to all ages.

We met during rehearsals for her production of Oh What A Lovely War at King Edward’s School.  I was playing piano in the house band. At the end of the run of shows Sue was telling the company that she was looking for a show for her final school production since Chicago (the one she wanted) was unavailable.  I suggested that we write a piece together… Sue agreed. The rest is history.

Scott and Curtis Music with Andrew Steggall at Grimeborn 2010
Scott and Curtis with Andrew Steggall at Grimeborn 2010

The Scott and Curtis trademark is strong story-telling with a key emphasis on the emotional contour of the text.  We have have a penchant for the dark side (ViceDemon Lover and The Cool Web), write with humour and depth, and are not afraid to delve deep into the unconscious.

In 2007 we wrote a jazz opera called Vice. The opera was performed at the Arcola Theatre in 2007 and 2010, followed by a workshop at Birkbeck in 2014.

In 2012 we started work on The Cool Web – a First World War oratorio based on the war poetry of Robert Graves.  We fund-raised £20,000 to bring together a world-class ensemble for the premiere in Bath Abbey. 700 people came to the premiere.