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A musical meditation on piano

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Josephine (solo piano album)

Back in April 2018, I recorded Josephine – a musical meditation on piano. Josephine is my first solo piano album.

7 years ago today my beautiful mother passed away. It seems like only yesterday we were talking and smiling. She was the best. It’s taken 6 years longer than expected but I’ve finally recorded her an album. This is a pre-mix version and there may be strings added, but I wanted to share it with you all today as a special mark of respect to her. It is a kind of meditation on piano.

The journey goes from birth, to my mum, to life spiralling away, to Layne, to obsession and the path to darkness, to a sense of tranquility and finally escape and release.

It’s been a hard 4 months, and my best friend Gianni’s death definitely brought up feelings I hadn’t dealt with after mum died. Losing your mum is quite possibly the hardest moment in life… and something we all deal with at some point.

Please listen and enjoy Josephine, and share so people hear it. I will be doing an album launch soon, once the final strands are put on and mixed in. Love you Mum. You’re always in my heart.

April 25th, 2018

Recording Josephine

I recorded Josephine with Dickie Chappell at Real World Studios in Box, England. Dickie has a particular calm about him, as well as complete professionalism and knowledge of his art. Somehow his presence always seems to brings out the best in you. I hope this is evident in my performance.

I was lucky enough to use Peter Gabriel’s Bösendorfer for the session. It’s a beautiful piano with a wonderful mellow tone, and the depth to unleash power and volume when you need it.


Oleeva Records


I am currently talking to Will Spence at Oleeva Records who is very keen to release Josephine on his label. Oleeva have an incredible roster of contemporary artists from the UK and internationally.

Josephine - a musical meditation on piano

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