Music of the Spheres

Music Of The Spheres is a song cycle for 2 voice children’s choir, solo and piano by Jools Scott and Sue Curtis, commissioned by Shean Bowers and the Melody Makers of Bath Abbey for the Bath Abbey Music Society Spring Concert, May 4th 2016.

Music Of The Spheres Poster for Bath Abbey May 4th

Music Of The Spheres is inspired by inner space and outer space.  It explores some of the spheres of physics, chemistry and biology that exist both inside our bodies and out, through the stratosphere to the Milky Way and beyond.  Written whilst pondering such possibilities as the existence of an entire universe in the nucleus of every atom, and the origins of life, the piece takes performer and audience on a dramatic and educational journey into science and philosophy.

Duration: 31 minutes

Listen to movement 1: The Spheres

Look up – above your head..
In that black sky can you see light?
Small points of light up in the sky?
If you look and look and look,
You’ll see that darkness is not dark at all
But full of light. All full of light.
Do you feel dizzy standing there
As if the earth itself is air
Tipping Under your feet..
All those lights are worlds – comets and stars and suns and moons
All sailing round us in the night.. And in the day when we can’t see..
Perhaps one day we’ll fly right up and touch the stars –
You’ll run along the milky way I’ll watch the Pleiades at play..
But for tonight we’re safe on earth, our feet on earth.
Look up – above your head..
In that black sky can you see light?
Small points of light up in the sky?
In all those spinning worlds,
Are smaller worlds all spinning too
Worlds within worlds
Worlds within me
Worlds within you…
Inner Space..
Outer Space..
Depending on
Your point of view..
Look up. Look up.

Lyrics of the opening movement The Spheres

‘Music Of The Spheres’ Sheet Music

Music Of The Spheres and other choral works are available to purchase in the Sheet Music Store

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