Commission : Bath Abbey Schools Singing Programme

Sue Curtis and I have been commissioned to write a piece for the Bath Abbey Schools Singing Programme Concert in June 2017. The concert brings together all the local schools that take part in the Bath Abbey Schools Programme. The result is a 300+ strong choir of children’s voices. The mass choir will be accompanied by members of the Bristol Ensemble and the performance will be narrated by Jon Monie.

The brief was to celebrate the Bath Abbey Footprint project, which is currently in the first stages of production. Sue Curtis spent the best part of January 2017 researching the history of Bath Abbey and it’s various incarnations over the years. With over 2 millenniums worth of cultural and religious history surrounding the hot springs in Bath there was a lot of inspiring material.

  • Pagan
  • Roman
  • Middle Ages
  • Norman
  • Georgian

Written On Water

The piece is called Written On Water and is 35-40 minutes long.  More info on the piece coming soon.

Bath Abbey Schools Singing Programme Concert

The Bath Abbey Schools Singing Programme concert will take place on June 6th 2017 at 6.30pm. Tickets go on sale at the beginning of May.

Bath Abbey Schools Singing Programme

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