The Door (2011)

The Door (trailer) from Andrew Steggall on Vimeo.

The Door is based on “The Door of the Wall” by H.G. Wells. This new adaptation tells the story of Thomas Arlington, a man of incredible wealth and power. He is the chairman of a bank, has his suits made by the greatest tailors and he has a yacht (on which he has recently entertained the Chancellor of the Exchequer). But he also has a memory that haunts him. It is the childhood memory of a green door in a wall in West London that led to an enchanted garden. It is the garden of his imagination and of his childhood. Now, in his sixties, Thomas Arlington want’s to go back.



Charles Dance (Game of Thrones, Bleak House, Gosford Park)
Dame Harriet Walter (RSC, Babel, Atonement, Sense & Sensibility)
Dudley Sutton (Smiley’s People, The Devils, Lovejoy, The Pink Panther Strikes Again)
Elliot Cowan (Happy-Go-Lucky, Alexander, The Golden Compass, Marchlands)
Tobias Menzies (HBO Rome, The Shadow Line)
Thomas Hardiman



Andrew Steggall (writer and director) Brian Fawcett (cinematographer) Sarah Bacon (production designer) Jools Scott (composer) Charlie Harvey (editor) Ashley Cowan, Daisy Lewis and S+O Media (producers). Dame Harriet Walter’s dress was made by Vivienne Westwood



Air Studios, The Whitehouse, UsS Productions, Splice. The film was shot on the Arri Alexa, care of S+O Media.

warsawfest2012The Door – Original Sound Track by Jools Scott | Composer


Performed by Jacqueline Thomas & Paul Cassidy (Brodsky Quartet), Jackie Shave, Magnus Johnston and Jools Scott.

“The pulse of Jools Scott’s bewitching score underlines the cyclical nature of the narrative.”
Emelyne Godfrey, Times Literary Supplement (January 27th, 2012)

“Everything was tinged with elegant light, with a sense of mystery and foreboding; an excellent score and sumptuous costumes added to the elegiac feel.”
Phillip Womack (2011)

“The illusory imagery and Jools Scott’s potent chamber music score emphasise the magic of this moving dream play.”

The Door was selected for the Short Film Competition at the Warsaw Film Festival 2012.

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