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Become a sponsor - support the creation of new musicIn this time of funding cuts and austerity, it is becoming increasingly hard to find the financial backing for large scale Arts projects. If you would like to help with future projects there are several ways you can become a sponsor.

Sue Curtis and I (with support) pulled together £20,000 to premiere The Cool Web in Bath Abbey back in 2014. The bulk of funding came from individuals that wanted to help get the piece off the ground.  Without their support, there would not have been a performance of what has been subsequently hailed as ‘an important work’.


We are currently fund-raising for a workshop performance of a new concert version of Macbeth which we are writing for one of the best choirs in the world. A clue… they won this year’s BBC Music Magazine’s ‘best choral CD of the year’ award. The workshop performance of 30 minutes of Macbeth will take place in October 2016.  The eventual aim is to have a week’s run of performances in a national classical/choral music festival or at one of the major commissioning venues in London.

If you would like to support this exciting new work, and become a sponsor, please send me a message here.  More information on Macbeth will be announced soon.

There are other ways you can help support the continued production of new music.

Purchase Sheet Music

Head over to the Sheet Music Store to purchase copies of my music for performance.

Bandcamp Subscription

Alternatively, I am in the process of setting up a Bandcamp Subscription page which will give paid subscribers access to exclusive content and early bird concert tickets. Please check back here if you are interested in this service, or contact me via the contact page.

Newsletter and Social Media

If you would like to support in a non-financial capacity I have an easily shareable regular Newsletter that contains all upcoming events and performances.  Signup today and help spread the word! Or alternatively, follow me over on Facebook or Twitter.