Kyrie (Messe pour ma mère)

SATB (unaccompanied) Sheet Music

Kyrie is the first movement from Messe pour ma mère



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Messe pour ma mère

Messe pour ma mère is a work in progress. Written in memory of my mother, Josephine Scott, the piece is a simple act of remembrance, pure in spirit and form.  The piece uses the words of the Eucharist mass.


The Kyrie (Lord have mercy), is the opening movement; a cry for pity. The form is a triptych, inspired from the shape of the words:

“Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord Have Mercy”

I have taken the pattern of 3 phrases and used this as a musical structure.  Each verse is repeated three times.

Kyrie from Messe pour ma mere by Jools Scott

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